Why is product labelling important and what retailers need to know about it

Labels are a key feature of most products. They help to market the product, allow customers to tell it apart from the competition, and give important messages including ingredients, instructions and uses.

What you must include in your label

When you design a label, make sure it complies with the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CCA), which says you can't give false, deceptive or misleading information to customers.

The Act also requires that labels are used to give information to consumers, such as:

Pre-packaged goods labelling

Label designs for pre-packaged goods must also comply with the National Trade Measurement Regulations 2009, which include requirements for:

  • the position, size and format of measurement information
  • for articles packed in Australia, the name and address of the packer.

For more information, read the Guide to the Sale of Pre-Packaged Goods on the National Measurement Institute website.

Country of origin labelling

Country of origin labelling is a notice or label on products to let your customers know what country a product came from.

In Australia:

  • misleading country of origin labelling is prohibited
  • certain products must have country of origin labelling, such as food.

​New food labels

If you sell food in retail stores in Australia, new country of origin food labelling laws will apply to your products from 1 July 2016. 

See what the new labels look like and how to get them on our Country of origin food labelling page.

Australian made claims

If you claim your products originated from Australia, you need to be aware of your obligations under Australian Consumer Law (ACL). Incorrect Australian made claims can lead to penalties, so it's important to get it right

To help ensure you're making these claims correctly, download the Australian Competition and Consumer Commissions (ACCCs) Country of origin claims and the Australian Consumer Law guide.

Chemical products labelling

If your business is in the chemicals or plastics industry, read the Chemicals Business Checklist for labelling and packaging requirements that apply to your products.

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