Top 10 marketing tips for small businesses from small businesses

Over the last few months, we’ve met many small business owners who have fantastic business ideas but don’t know how to market them to the right audience. 

That’s why, to understand what makes small business marketing strategies successful, we reached out to our members and asked small business owners, employees and entrepreneurs to send us their favourite marketing tips based on their personal experiences.

While the top tip won a $100 voucher from MOO for ordering premium printed products, we received a number of other great marketing suggestions. Without further ado, here are some of the top marketing tips based on real businesses:  

Marketing Tip #1. By Jo Forster from Avoca Valley Bed and Breakfast 

Email clients after their purchase and offer them a discount for future purchases plus a smaller discount to any friends/family they introduce to your business. Nothing beats word of mouth, especially in our accommodation business. Works for us!

Marketing Tip #2. By Evan Caruana from Ember Candles

Secure your brand’s domain on all social media platforms. Regardless of whether you think they are relevant to your business right now, social media trends change rapidly so take advantage of the free accounts and sign up to them.

Marketing Tip #3. By Anthony Earner from On / Off Electrical

I found when I started up in my local area, walking around and dropping off homemade flyers was quite helpful. I was told that this is an expensive exercise, but after more than five years, people are still using them. Giving your business cards to the local wholesaler.

Marketing Tip #4. By Donna Brown from Aquavac Services

Networking is your number one marketing avenue! By creating relationships with potential clients you create an impression from the first hello! So with that said, as you turn your relationships into clients the way you treat your clients will greatly impact your future business!

Marketing Tip #5. By Jake Smith from Well Said

Be social in every sense of the word. Be a walking talking advocate for your business by being active on social media, attending social events and embodying your brand in social circles. Word of mouth marketing and online marketing are equally as powerful as each other.

Marketing Tip #6. By Kirsten Wardle from Made to Impress

Have a plan and try to stick to it - social media, flyers, out and about, promotional gear and materials. Look at what you need, what you would like, and what you may do in the future as the business grows.

Marketing Tip #7. By Jared Barnes from PopBaby

Try everything! You never know which marketing avenue will reap the most rewards, and sometimes the most offbeat or least obvious ways will provide the most bang for your buck. Also, low or no money doesn't mean you can't market your business, it just forces you to be creative!

Marketing Tip #8. By Rosie Coleman from Colour Optics

Make sure someone qualified proofreads all public literature. It looks unprofessional to have spelling and grammatical errors.

Marketing Tip #9. By Evelyn McCarthy from M Group – I.T. Financial Retail

In a market where there are others providing the same services as you do, the one thing that will set you apart and win customers every time is great service. Being outstanding and making your customers feel sincerely special is your greatest asset in winning new customers.

Marketing Tip #10. By Vladimir Gendelman from Company Folders

Keep your marketing costs down by choosing only one marketing tactic. This lets you spend your time and resources becoming really good at one thing—not mediocre at a lot of stuff. Once you master that one thing, it's okay to test one or two other tactics at a time. This lets you build a strong marketing core and still satisfy your desire to experiment with different strategies in the long run.

If you have any more marketing tips you'd like to share, please add them here in the comments section below or email us at