Smallbiz health tips: ‘Think of your mind as the boss and your body as the employee’

Last week I reached out to some of our community members who work in the health and fitness industry for tips that can help small business owners look after their personal well being. And I have to admit, I was overwhelmed with the amazing response I received.

So here’s the first in a series of articles discussing small business health from different aspects such as physical fitness, mental health, injury therapy and stress management. The best part? The advice comes from real small business owners like yourself.

Let’s start off with some tips from Scott Trenerry from Refocus Hypnosis. Scott and his wife, Diana, work as a team to help people achieve both their physical as well as mental health goals.

If you think of health in terms of a business model, imagine the mind as the boss and the body as the employee. Both of them have to work in tandem for the most efficient output. So you have to ensure you’re taking good care of both.  

Here are some tips for a healthier you:

1. Align your personal and professional goals.

When you start a business, everyone tells you how you must have a business strategy in place. While you’re building an elaborate business structure, I think it’s a good idea to have a simple one-page plan for your life as well as work goals.

Focus on three lists with 5-10 dot points in each:

i. Where are you NOW

ii. Where do you WANT to be (Goals say in 1 year from now)

iii. HOW are you going to get there (Actions to achieve your Goals)

When you have created both your one-page plans, (one for the business and one for your personal life) look at the goals (WANT) and actions (HOW) in both spheres and try to recognise and link those actions and goals which support each other in both endeavours.

These actions and goals then become the focus of your efforts and help prioritise your energy input to generate the most effective life and business outcomes.

2. Cultivate mindfulness.

This is an exercise in knowing yourself and your responses to your external environment. Tap into your inner positivity and focus all your energy on what you’re doing at a given time. In an age that merits multitasking, it’s not easy to cut off from distractions, but if you practice it enough, anything it possible.

An important thing to remember is that your subconscious mind stores a whole host of past events in your life and acts as your mind’s hard drive. As you move through life, you respond to situations based on your previous experiences and you subconsciously react as previously programmed, keeping you stuck in a limiting cycle.

To help you recognise the different things that could be impacting you personally and professionally, make a list of the top 10 things holding you back as a person.

This could be habits such as:

  • overeating
  • drinking too much
  • smoking
  • phobias

You may also be holding onto baggage that should have been long discarded such as:

  • anger issues with parents
  • problems with other authority figures in your life
  • failed relationships
  • missed opportunities
  • events that have made you feel inadequate and hit your confidence

The first step towards getting rid of these negative feelings is recognising their source. Don’t let baggage from the past define who you are now. If you feel like you need help to refresh your mind and change the way you respond to situations and create new habits, seek help from a professional.

Once you’ve started your journey towards mindfulness, take some time every day (say 30-60 minutes) to focus on yourself, appreciating and being grateful for all the things that reinforce your life goals.

Get some quiet time for yourself with activities like:

  • meditation
  • walking the dog
  • listening to music
  • just switching off your gadgets and being by yourself

And as you work on these tips, don’t forget to also focus on your physical fitness. A healthy body is essential for a productive life and business. Make sure to include a nourishing and healthy diet along with an achievable and hopefully enjoyable physical activity program as part of your life goals.

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If you have any other tips that can help strike a balance between the body and the mind, do drop a comment in the section below or write to us at

About the author

Scott Trenerry holds degrees in Psychology, Natural Resource Management and Business, he is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist working with his wife Diana, a qualified Fitness Trainer and Health Coach in multiple disciplines at Affirm Body Fit and Refocus Hypnosis.

Scott and Diana offer Mind and Body bespoke Life Coaching services to clients in the Brisbane region (Redlands based). You can contact Scott at