Smallbiz health tips: How to prioritise physical fitness in your busy schedule

As a small business owner, you’re probably used to pushing physical fitness to the bottom of your long list of to-dos. But if you’re looking for some help prioritising your health regime, here are some easy tips you could use. 

As part of our Small business health tips series, Caz Jones - an injury expert from NTouch Therapies, has shared some great advice on putting physical fitness back on your daily agenda.

1. Have clear fitness goals

Just like you need clear targets when you’re creating a business plan, you also need to set yourself goals for your physical fitness. Whether you’re planning to join a fitness programme or following a DIY routine, take some time and think about what you want to achieve and in what time-frame. Having one or two milestones in mind helps to stay focused, get real value, and provides you with something to measure your progress.  

Your goals will depend on your current fitness levels and will vary for different people. Here are some examples of fitness goals you could work towards: 

  • Eating a healthy breakfast every day
  • Hitting the gym three times a week
  • Starting your day with 15 minutes of Yoga
  • Remembering to get up from your desk and taking a short walk every few hours

2. Don’t treat this as a quick fix

Remember that fitness is a permanent solution - not a short term agenda. Don’t think that you’ll work hard and lose 10kg in two months and then go back to your old routine. If you really want to get fit, look at the factors that contributed to where you find yourself today and what tools and systems you need to help you to move better, feel better and live better.  

Ask yourself some of these questions: 

  • Do I eat a balanced and nutritious diet?
  • Do I get enough sleep every night?
  • Did I have an exercise regime before I started my business that I don’t follow anymore?
  • How is the lack of exercise affecting me physically and mentally?

3. Start with small changes 

Many of you may not be ready to make major changes in your lifestyle. That’s ok. Start with learning more about your health situation and what’s the best path for you. Then move on to small changes that you can make to your daily routine, which are easy to stick to and will make a difference in the bigger picture.  

Here are a few things you can start out with: 

  • Wake up 15 minutes early to add a quick workout every morning (or every alternate morning)
  • Spend an hour over the weekend preparing a healthy breakfast that you can have over the week
  • Put an alarm on your phone for the middle of the day when you should get up from your desk and take a walk

4. Be prepared to put in some effort 

Yes, this process does require effort from you and the desire to change. I am sure that as a small business owner, you can think of a time when you’ve had to experience discomfort for the gain of something great - saving for a business premises, burning the midnight oil to get more clients, you get the picture.  

Always remember, being healthy is a great gift for you personally as well as professionally and is well worth all the effort you can put in. If you think you need more inspiration, seek help from a fitness professional.

5. Share your journey

When you tell your friends and family about your goals and share your journey with them, you will gain their support and approval. You may even influence them to address some of their own concerns. But sharing your journey is more about you than anyone else. When you share what you’re doing and why with the people around you, you become accountable for your actions. This is what will keep driving you towards your goal and keep you from straying from the path.

‘Small biz health tips’ is a series of articles discussing small business health from different aspects such as physical fitness, mental health, injury therapy and stress management. The advice comes from members of Small Business First.

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