Small business marketing tips: How a well-designed logo can boost your business

You've probably heard that every small business needs a logo. That's certainly true, but if you're just looking for a visual representation of your brand, you are going to miss out on all the great things a well-designed logo can do for you. 

Here's how a logo design can help your business: 

1. Create a consistent brand message 

Your logo is a huge part of creating brand consistency. It should appear on your printed marketing materials, social media accounts, and website—not to mention on signage, paperwork, packaging, and promotional items. Because your logo appears at literally every point where customers can interact with your brand, they begin to connect all of these materials in their minds. 

They also start to associate your logo with their experiences interacting with your brand. This—not aesthetics—is why it's important to have a logo that reflects your brand's values. Customers want to know the logo that attracted them accurately portrays what you do and who you are. 

2. Raise brand awareness 

Every business owner knows they need to increase visibility in the public eye to succeed. Putting your logo in every possible marketing channel helps with this because it not only creates a strong brand message—it conveys that message to more people. The better your logo's design, the more attention it will garner. 

After all, the average adult is inundated with thousands of brand messages every day. Many of the logos we see, we only store in our brains subconsciously. It will take a truly interesting logo to raise their notice of your brand from a subconscious to a conscious level. 

3. Connect with your target audience 

A good logo will be especially effective at raising brand awareness among your target audience, because it will be made to appeal specifically to them. As any experienced logo creator will tell you, every design element has a psychological impact on consumers that can make them feel friendly toward your brand—or unfriendly, if you've picked the wrong design elements.

For instance, good logo designers know women prefer tints (colors with white added) instead of the shades (colors with black added) that men prefer. They would be more likely to use a tinted blue, like turquoise, to encourage a positive response from your female target market.

4. Increase sales 

All this consistency, brand awareness, and audience appeal add up to one very valuable thing: increased sales. As ISPO Magazine points out, 90% of a consumer's purchasing decision is based on emotions. Your logo is the first symbol customers see, so it's the leader in creating the emotions that will motivate people to buy from you. 

What does it take for logo to bring out the right emotions in your audience? This great graphic reveals the 12 ingredients your logo design needs to increase sales.