Supporting the small businesses you love

Showing Small Businesses Some Love

Small Businesses right across the country are doing it tough right now, and they need you to get behind them. That's what Small Business is all about - making sure all Australians are doing their part to keep the local businesses we love alive, and thriving this year. You can read more about why we started this here.

How Do I Show Some Love?

The good news is there are so many things you can do to help a business. See some starting points below, delve into our directory, and check out all of the other initiatives listed here on the right.

Spend Some Money

This is obvious, but maybe not always in the way you think. You may not be flushed with cash right now - it's a tough financial period for everyone. But every day we all make purchasing decisions that we may not think much about which have a real impact on the lives of a long chain of people. By consciously choosing to shop local, and to support local brands rather than big multinational companies, you are actively deciding to help families rather than shareholders.

When you're getting the groceries, don't be lazy and default to the supermarket. Take the time to source different things from different local providers. If you're at the supermarket, pay the couple of cents extra do avoid buying their own brands. And shop at IGA's as much as you can - they are independent, family-run supermarkets that do a great job in supporting a wide net of local producers far beyond their shelves.  

If you can get out and travel or enjoy some luxuries, do so in hard-hit communities and stay at local hotels or guesthouses. StayInTheBush, EmptyEsky, StayWithThem are great places to start.  

When you're shopping online, find makers and manufacturers that are producing locally-made and good quality. 

Show Some Social Love

Small businesses often pay thousands every year trying to advertise their businesses both digitally and in the real world. Google ads, Facebook ads, outdoor ads on bus shelters... they all come at a hefty cost. But did you know that 92% of people trust a recommendation from a friend or family member more than any other source of information? You have the power to help a local business you love in a MASSIVE way simple by having a Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn account. 

So if you're looking for a way to help out, show some #smallbizlove on social media! Share the posts of your favourite locals when they post, or do your own posting!

Bring Out Your Inner Reviewer

Another hugely important part of a business' marketing is their reviews. Whether it's on Google, Yellow, TripAdviser.... the power of a review is huge. Research shows 8 out of 10 customers will have seen a review before they decide to make a purchase at a particular business. That's a massive influence on a customer's decision! 

So just like with social media, if you love a local business, do them a favour and tell the world on all of the review platforms the business is connected to.