Now is the time to hustle with purpose

 ‘Hustle’ has long been a buzz-word in the entrepreneur, small business and sales communities. The idea of getting out into the market and making things happen is an empowering one. And we all want to feel empowered, the owners of our own destiny. So why is the idea of hustling so powerful? The definition below, provides a great answer to this.

To have the courageconfidence, self-belief, and self-determination to go out there and work it out until you find the opportunities you want in life.

From the Urban Dictionary

Why you need to hustle

Firstly, it isn’t just because you’ve been forced inside during lockdown for too long. You may feel like a caged tiger and now want to rampage through your network, drinking gallons of coffee. Although, local cafes will certainly thank you for this. The reason is simple, if you sit idle, your clients and customers will forget about you as they get consumed in their own businesses.

The market has just got a great deal more competitive. That advertising no-one was buying, well guess what? That’s right, they’ve all heard how spending on ads worked well post GFC and every other major recession, so now the market is open, they are buying ad space. This trend will continue, if not at pace, it may be a slow burn, but it will increase. Sales teams will face an increasing pressure to get out and win work.

This means even if you are a service provider like a lawyer or accountant, and haven’t really had to win work before, you will do now. As the market contracts, the competition will increase and your competitors will be those vying for your client’s attention, whether they are in your space or not. This means you’ll need to start hustling.

Why it has to have purpose

Because otherwise you are just charging around sending endless emails and having endless meetings. The first thing you need to do is understand what your purpose is. Be clear about what you and your business do to help people. Understand why in the current economic conditions it is relevant. Purchasers are only going to invest in the services or products that they need. Those that are deemed business essential. 

Therefore, you need to look at your value proposition and then view it from your potential client’s perspective. Make sure that it provides real tangible benefits to them. In the current climate ranking at the top of this list will be whether it saves them money or not. The second important part will be if it saves them time. Reduced work forces will make time a precious commodity for those still in employment.

A purpose is your superpower

Spiderman has spider-sense, Wonder Woman has superhuman strength and wisdom. Purpose is your superpower. If you have a clear purpose that you passionately believe in, that passion will come across to everyone you meet. It is an energy that can be infectious. When you hustle with a purpose, it helps you create a compelling and engaging story to those you meet.

Take control of your destiny

As we navigate our way through uncertain times, one of the most powerful things you can do, is take control of your own destiny.

“People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can't find them, make them.”

George Bernard Shaw 

Be open and honest with people. Listen to their needs and maintain your integrity, as you hustle with a purpose.

Ben Paul is the director and founder of The BD Ladder, a business development and marketing consultancy focused on provided B2B service providers with practical advice that delivers results. He can be contacted at