How to build a strong team of freelance experts for your business

If your business is located online and you need professionals to handle your social media presence or increase traffic on your blog with great SEO strategies, assembling a crew of freelancers might be the thing that can help your company move forward.

One of the advantages of hiring freelancers is that you can go for established experts who have prior experience in this line of work so you can cut the additional time and money spent on training.

Another great thing is that you can choose the payment method – you can make an arrangement where you can either pay after a project is completed or by the hourly rate.

So if you are wondering how to make an excellent freelance team that would bring your business to a whole new level, keep reading.

Be clear about your requirements and ensure you have them all down in the job description 

Before you go out there and start searching for a freelance team, you need to know exactly what you want from them. Based on your business needs, you need to write a clear job description that will attract the right kind of talent.

Try to include as much detail as possible in the job description, for instance:

  • are you looking for expertise in a certain area such as finance, health or marketing
  • are you looking for a certain years or level of experience in the person you hire
  • how many assignments do you expect the freelancer to work on in a week
  • can you give an indication of the payment you’re offering

These details will help filter people who are most relevant to the role.

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Give clear instructions for more productive work days 

Since you don’t actually get to meet your freelancers every day, it’s important that you give good instructions in terms of what you want out of them.

For example, if you want a content writer who will create posts for your blog, emphasize the deadline or if they should send you the first draft with a heading and subheads so you could make sure they are on the right track. If you’re hiring multiple freelancers, it’s a good idea to create templates or style guides that can help people understand your expectations on things like language, tone, word count, design, etc.

Think about the questions you want to ask through the interview process 

If you like a couple of applications but are hiring only one person for a certain position, email or call them and ask additional questions which might be helpful to your final decision.

Here are a few things you can discuss to get to know them better:

  • ask them about their previous work or if they could provide links to portfolios
  • ask for social media profiles they are managing at the moment if that’s what you need
  • talk about the pay and the hours, as well as the workload you have prepared for them
  • if you want to be involved in the first couple of tasks because you haven’t worked together before, let them know

Communicate: Create weekly schedules for tasks and give constructive criticism on projects 

If you wish to have an amazing team of freelancers who can help you run your business, you need to communicate with them regularly. Creating weekly schedules for the team is great because the freelancers will be able to organise their tasks and deliver them on time. If a freelancer is new to the team, you should be ready to answer any questions they might have about the project.

Give your team constructive criticism because many freelancers want to improve and work on their skills. If you’re not satisfied with a banner made by your graphic designer, let them know and speak out about the things you want to change. A valuable member of your freelance team will take in feedback positively and work on an updated asset.

Distribute work evenly based on each person’s individual skill set 

Working in a team means each person has their own niche they excel at. Therefore, you can’t expect that your graphic designer has the necessary skills to start creating SEO content for your blog. They are great at maintaining the look of your website or social media profiles so assign them the tasks which fit their skill set.

Don’t overload your freelancers with projects which are completely unknown to them. Instead, try to find an additional freelancer – someone who can take the workload off and increase your team’s effectiveness. And make sure every member of your team is happy with the amount of work they are getting on a weekly basis. If you notice that they are constantly missing deadlines, ask them about it and see if there is something you can do, especially if they generally deliver high-quality products.

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