How can Google My Business help promote your small business online?

As a business owner or manager it can be challenging to decide where your focus or investment should lie in relation to social media.

We hear so much about the importance of social media platforms and so as a business owner, it's only natural to believe that you should be on every platform. However, that's just not realistic because firstly, it would take a huge amount of time and resources and secondly, the return on investment isn't guaranteed. One social platform however, that is vitally important for small businesses though is Google My Business (GMB).  

In terms of occupying real estate on the search engine results page, this is absolutely key because:

  • customers, both potential and existing, are actively searching for your business details such as contact information, your address and also your opening hours
  • GMB keeps your listing active and live with the option to regularly update your profile

It's easy to create and verify the listing but it does take some effort to keep it updated. Google My Business now allows for videos as well as images to be updated so there is lots of scope to include engaging details to attract customers.

The guys at Storetraffic have put together the infographic below, which outlines everything you need to know about Google My Business and how it will work to help promote your business. It outlines why a business needs to be on the platform plus a number of things you do to keep the profile up to date. It also delivers some information on how to deal with negative reviews and lots more besides. Check it out: