Facebook Live: How are Australian small businesses really coping with COVID

COVID has brought big changes to workplaces and small businesses alike, but for many of the Flying Solo community working from home has been status quo for almost 10 years. 

Watch David Koch and Lucy Kippist, editor of Flying Solo, as they answer questions on what the past six months have taught us about coping in a crisis.

Some of the questions they answered include:

  • What changes did small businesses have to make initially to fit the COVID conditions and what has changed as time progressed? 
  • What have the past 6 months changed about how we work for the long term? 
  • What are our predictions for offices of the future? What will they look like? 
  • How have we coped with no face to face meetings? 
  • What have we thought about Zoom? Yes or no? 
  • Have any aspects of business been working better than before? 
  • What kind of changes have we made to our businesses to support ourselves and keep things running?
  • What aspects of business are we struggling with the most right now? 
  • What aspects of daily life do we find the hardest? 
  • What are some of the activities and rituals and habits the community have taken up to help their health and wellbeing? 

Lucy also shares some useful insights from her recent survey of the Flying Solo community about how they’ve coped with COVID.