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Workers carry cost-effective mobile devices that automatically alert and register close interactions with other workers in the workplace. As workers go about their work, their dedicated Pervidi device (or their phone) continuously scans for possible other devices to connect to using Bluetooth. This unique Bluetooth ID is registered in the Pervidi app. If a worker is subsequently reported ill, Pervidi will dramatically mitigate the risk of breakouts or site closures by immediately identifying all workers that have been in contact in a nearby physical distance with that worker, thereby expediting illness and exposure investigation. All information is stored within the customer’s own Pervidi database (cloud or on-premise) and is only accessible by the Pervidi customer. Only the device ID, the Worker ID, the date/time and who has come into contact with them in a nearby physical distance are collected. Nothing else.

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    • Hawthorn eastVIC 3123
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    Can your Company Afford Shut Down? Workplace Distancing Alerts & Contact Tracing Use Smartphone Apps and/or Wearables Fully PRIVATE Data Control and Contact Tracing – only Accessed by YOU Alert Employees, Contractors and Visitors when they are Close to Others Automatic, Customisable Alerts and Emails Integrate Daily Well-being Check-ins Mitigate Your Risks of Site Closure and Illness Spread among your staff, visitors and contractors
    • Expires 31 Dec 2020
    • Hawthorn eastVIC 3123
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Workplace Physical Distance Alerts and COVID-19 Illness Risk Mitigation

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