Kids Pantry

Deakin ACT 2600

Kids Pantry has helped over 600,000 families in our programs. Encouraging and mentoring children to have fun with food while creating healthy food habits.

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How we’re doing business during lockdown

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Lockdown has definitely been a challenge for Kids Pantry. As a 100% service-based business, we were fully booked in March and went to zero business as soon as COVID hit. The Kids Pantry Team worked so hard to move the business to online classes as well as creating a new kitchen product line to try and get the business through the tough times. With 20 hour days and endless worry to recreate the business, to stay open, and to keep staff employed, we refused to give up. We have continued to be present on social media. Kids Pantry has an amazing VIP membership delivered straight to your kitchen. A standard day at Kids Pantry is delivering programs to schools with After-school cooking classes, school holiday programs, and Curriculum based training in both cooking and nutrition...physically going back to schools in term 3 which is awesome...and we can't wait!

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