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Daxcel Financial is a Brisbane-based boutique accounting and business advisory firm that specialises in helping businesses implement and action best practice across finance, governance, strategy and risk. Unlike traditional accountants (who focus largely on tax and payroll) we analayse every area of a business - from product and service to team culture and marketing - finding the gaps and weaknesses and areas for improvement. We find that most business owners we start to work with are trading time for money, focusing on survival and hoping something will change to improve profitability. Our aim is to help business owners find a clear path from where they are now to the performance, revenue and lifestyle outcomes they want for the future, at a cost they can afford.

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  • Affordable Accounting & Tax Services

    In addition to assisting with Business Growth, Strategy and Advice we are also able to assist with any Accounting, Tax and Compliance needs you have. We are Chartered Accountants with extensive experience in all areas of compliance and Australian Taxation Law. The accuracy and correct treatment of various aspects of financial accounts is imperative to ensuring the right outcomes for our clients. We can assist with: - Preparation of Financial Statements including Management Reports - Preparation of Tax Returns for all entity types including Individuals, Trusts, Companies and SMSFs - Preparation of Business Activity Statements and FBT Returns - Due Diligence and Valuation services when purchasing or selling a business - Specific Taxation Advice - Manage your Company Annual Statements We deliver the basic services by using fixed annual fees. Why do we do fix fees? It helps our clients as they have certainty around their expenses and assists with their cash flow. It also assists with cashflow at our end and certainty of workflow enabling us to turn jobs around faster for our clients. Overall, we feel it is a win-win for all parties. These fees can be paid over the course of the year for the current financial year. Eg. If you sign up in August 2019 you will pay the annual fee over 11 equal months for the 2019/20 financial year’s work. For prior year work rates can be discussed. Call us on 1300 507 665 to find out more about our annual compliance packages.
    • Expires 31 Oct 2020
    • BrisbaneQLD 4000
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  • 10% off Financial Awareness Coaching

    Financial Awareness Coaching - Outline and Benefits Why we developed this service. The better you understand your business, the easier it will be to make more money. Management decisions rely on a sound understanding of the financial implications for a business. We have developed this service to enable business owners to fully understand and interpret their numbers, so they have a strong foundation on which to grow their business. Who should attend? We recommend this service to you if you are passionate about your business and want to better understand your numbers, so you can answer questions like: How much profit have I made this year? Why has my profit increased but I have no cash? Is my cash level increasing or decreasing? What is affecting my cash level? What is involved? Financial Awareness Coaching is a 12 month coaching programme. You will attend meetings with us every two months to discuss your financial results. The focus of each meeting will change and progress depending on your needs and objectives. You will: Develop an understanding of your key financial reports Gain knowledge of key accounting concepts Learn how to report on cashflow and profit Begin to produce your own customised reports on a monthly basis Understand how to better manage your debtors and creditors Learn how to monitor income and expenses throughout the year Find ways to save time on admin tasks that could be automated Identify weaknesses / areas to work on between meetings to get better results Iron out any existing errors (e.g. formats, coding, analysis, timing differences, etc.) Understand what other information you should capture and how (e.g. stock, debtors, creditors, etc.) When should I begin Financial Awareness Coaching? Any time is a good time to improve your understanding of your financial reports in order to improve business performance. The sooner you start Financial Awareness Coaching, the better your understanding of financial results and their implications, and the more control you will have over outcomes. Call us now on 1300 507 665 to further discuss Financial Awareness Coaching.
    • Expires 31 Dec 2020
    • BrisbaneQLD 4000
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  • 10% off Cashflow Planning Services

    Cashflow Management - Outline and Benefits Why we developed this service. Cashflow planning is best practice in any business and critical to survival and growth. Setting cashflow targets and regularly monitoring your actual cashflow against your forecast will enable you to predict large cash outflows and respond to changes in your business. Inadequate cashflow is a symptom of management problems in a business, NOT the cause. Helping our clients look ahead with confidence and putting in place basic cashflow maximisation strategies is core to our purpose as your accountants. Who should undertake this service? If you require a Cashflow Forecast because your bank manager has requested one, we can create one for you. However, this Cashflow Management service is fundamental as every business owner needs an understanding of cash and liquidity for better decision making. Recognising the difference between profit and cash, and the impact improving your Cash Conversion Cycle will have on your business is essential to managing and growing any business. What is involved? There are two service options. Both include the completion of a Cashflow Forecast and the inputting of your Cashflow Forecast into your accounting or reporting software. Service one: A Cashflow Forecast. Preparation of a Cashflow Forecast and a one-hour Cashflow Forecast Review meeting to discuss and finalise the Forecast. Service two: Cashflow Management Coaching. Preparation of a Cashflow Forecast along with a three-hour Cashflow Management Coaching session to: Discuss and finalise the Cashflow Forecast Identify your current Cash Conversion Cycle Identify the likely causes of cashflow problems within your business Set 12 month and 90 day cashflow improvement goals and actions This initial session is followed by four quarterly accountability coaching sessions, ensuring that you put in place essential cashflow management strategies and achieve your cashflow improvement goals. When should I have a session? Businesses should have a Cashflow Forecast in place before the beginning of the new financial year. Having said that, we can provide this service at any time. The sooner we complete a Cashflow Forecast for you, the sooner we can work together to agree strategies for improvement. Call us now on 1300 507 665 to further discuss our Cashflow Management service options.
    • Expires 31 Aug 2020
    • BrisbaneQLD 4000
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  • Complimentary Business Recovery Review

    If you haven’t created your Business Recovery Plan, we can help facilitate this. You’ve got the smarts on your business, what’s working and what needs to change. Our expertise lies in stress testing the numbers and pulling everything into one concise plan of attack. Contact us. What does documenting a clear Business Recovery Plan entail? 1. Defining what you, as business as owners, want from the business; this includes cash drawings, your role, hours of work and holidays. 2. Establishing your budget and break-even analysis to ensure you’re generating enough cash to cover all expenses including tax, personal expenses, loans and asset purchases. 3. Determining your critical KPIs; the most important things you need to measure to track your progress towards achieving your targets. 4. Identifying your opportunities and vulnerabilities; the factors that will most impact your business recovery. 5. Determining how to manage your most critical challenges. 6. Undertaking a risk analysis of each of your departments, e.g. product / service development, marketing, sales, human resources, finances, technology, etc. 7. Identifying necessary finance requirements and what’s needed to apply. 8. Establishing your 12-month and 90-day goals to ensure you’re clear on your priorities. 9. Clarifying your actions to achieve those goals.
    • Expires 31 Jul 2020
    • BrisbaneQLD 4000
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