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I own and operate an online business in the personal development industry. Personal Development can include any skill that you build to improve yourself. It doesn’t matter which skills you want to develop or improve, the key to personal development is taking the right steps. My system comprises of simply 3 steps, that informs you whether my business is the right fit for you. University Accredited Personal Development Curriculum is backed by a long list of awards for its excellence in Success Education. Our Online Courses and live events held around the world has helped individuals to take charge of every aspect of their life, health, wealth, and lifestyle. We also have the privilege of working with some of the world’s best leaders who genuinely want the best for all.

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  • PATHWAY - the 90 Day course that changes lives.

    PATHWAY is an educational program that allows you to gain a greater understanding of how each individual creates their life. Using PATHWAY will assist anyone in uncovering hidden limiting beliefs, the source of destructive habits, ingrained counterproductive cultural standards, lack of individual motivating purpose and the inhibiting daily negative influences of others. The program is a computer-based 90 day learning system that contains audios, videos and guidebooks featuring Shane Krider along with world champions, Olympic gold medalists, and others people who have overcome big obstacles to create the success they desire in their lives. This is a 90 day course. The company continues to develop new content that covers different aspects of life and creating success. Most of this content is made available free of charge for life and you will have lifetime free access to the Beyond Freedom Evolution community.
    • Expires 31 Oct 2020
    • AnnandaleQLD 4814
    • Offerer to Local Customers
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  • Professionals Wanting Change

    Work anywhere You go - Beach, Coffee Shop, Airports- the list goes on. Business Opportunity For You with Laptop and Phone, (No Stock Holding, No Cold Calling. No Coffee Shop meetings, No creating lists) This Online Business is an opportunity for anyone who wants to create success whilst being mentored by industry leaders at the top of their game. No previous business experience is required only the desire to understand your own thinking more effectively and achieve financial success. We do not have stock holding, your time is flexible, you are working to your own schedule, and you work within the comfort of your own environment with your laptop and phone
    • Expires 31 Oct 2020
    • AnnandaleQLD 4814
    • Offerer to Local Customers
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How we’re doing business during lockdown

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As my business is online, the lockdown and any other like interruption to normal business has not affected my trading. I enjoy working in my office or in fact anywhere I choose to go with my laptop and phone. The support from our corporate office in the form of software and training is ongoing and provides me with confidence that all bases are covered.

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