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As the Founder of Active Admin Solutions, my passion lies in helping business owners streamline their processes, create policies & procedures, along with performing all areas of business admin. For over 30 years, I worked in various Administration, PA and EA roles for Executive Management teams before deciding to fly solo and become a Virtual Assistant. My business specialty lies in supporting clients to develop strong administration practices, identifying, documenting and implementing best practice principles and writing grant and tender applications to support the growth of businesses. I love helping clients streamline their business, develop policy and procedures, forms and business processes. For me, it’s more than creating these processes and leaving you to work it out. I enjoy being involved in helping you and your team members adapt to the changes and seeing how happy they are when jobs are streamlined. How could I help you? Contact me at to discuss your business support needs.

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How we’re doing business during lockdown

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I have clients in a variety of industries so while some have been relatively unscathed others have been severely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. For me, this has been an opportunity to upskill, tidy up, re-focus and look for new business and clients. I have successfully onboarded some new clients and my workload is at capacity. The lockdown has seen more opportunities for VAs to work collaboratively, connect more frequently through workshops, webinars and online coffee catchups.

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