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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay to list my business in the directory?

Absolutely not! Small Business First is about helping businesses make money, not charging them. The directory is free and always will be.

How and where should I send my video to get included in the TV show?

Create a 30 second video introducing yourself and your business that we can promote and put forward for selection in the TV show. If you’ve got a special offer (like a freebie or discount) to extend to the community then make sure you mention it too! Email all those videos to: sbf@pinstripemedia.com.au. If you're looking for some inspiration, check out these great examples of videos made by small businesses.

Who is behind Small Business First?

This is an initiative put together by the team behind small business platforms Kochie's Business Builders and Flying Solo. We wanted to play our part in the recovery and rebuild of businesses from the various challenges we've had recently, and so built this platform (and TV show) as a way of helping as many businesses as we could. Read more about why we launched this here. 

How do I list my business?

Up in the top-right corner of the screen you'll see "Join". You can sign up with email or social media accounts. Then we just need your business details - name, description, a nice photo/logo, address, website, social channels etc. Plus you can add extra content like articles and videos which will sit on your profile too. 

Do I need to offer a deal/promotion to list my website?

Nope, you can create a listing in the directory simply to show off your business without putting up a deal or promotion. And you can add a deal later on if you like, or remove a deal at any time. 

Do you have the option to 'buy now' or sell my products?

Not at the moment. We're working on having more ways for you to make money directly on the directory, such as listing your products and offering gift vouchers. We'll get there soon!

Are you making money from the big business deals?

No, we don't have any affiliate setup on the deals that you see in the marketplace. The purpose was to bring together the best offers from across the internet into one place to make it easy for you to find. If we think something is genuinely helpful and you may find value in, then we'll pop it into the marketplace. But we're not getting paid on the uptake in them.

How can you help promote my business?

We'll be doing tonnes of shout-outs for the businesses in the directory. This may include getting your head on TV in our new series of Kochie's Business Builders on Channel 7 - so make sure you send us a 30 second video introducing yourself and your business (and any deals you're offering!) and send it to sbf@pinstripemedia.com.au