Helping small businesses thrive through the crisis

It’s not an easy time to be a small business right now. Not only have regional communities been battling a seemingly endless drought followed by a devastating season of bushfires, the COVID-19 crisis stormed in to shut down entire industries and send us into our first economic recession in decades. 

Kochie’s Business Builders has put together this Small Business First campaign as a way of highlighting the incredible stories of perseverance and bravery that can inspire not just other business people, but a nation of consumers also. It’s a way of connecting businesses to both consumers, as well as other businesses with special offers and deals, as a way of making and saving money.  

Why are we doing this?

Because the bottom line is we need our small businesses to survive. We need them economically for the millions of jobs and livelihoods they sustain. We need them for their rich diversity and cultural gifts they give our neighbourhoods. And we need their passion, their unbreakable spirit, to show us all that we can succeed.

Because they need us, and we need them. So it’s time for all of Australia, to put Small Business First.

We know we’re not alone in this mission. Many community groups and organisations are flying the flag for small businesses. We passionately join them to do our part in highlighting the businesses doing it tough, and informing all Australians on how they can do their part to keep their local businesses going.