7 powerful tools for dominating small business presentations

Presentations are a great way to tell your business’s story in an innovative way and connect with customers on a more personal level. But getting in front of a room full of people can be tricky for some and nerves can get the best of us. 

So here are seven ways to crush your presentation beyond picturing everyone in their underwear. 

1. Introduce yourself: Start the presentation with a video

Kick off your speech with an introductory video. A memorable video will mean your audience is more likely to pay attention to your presentation. 

But remember, there’s a fine line between listing your credentials and inflating your ego, so leave out any clips of anyone interviewing you. And, be sure the video doesn’t come off as a self-promotional piece or infomercial.

If you need help creating a video, download software like VideoScribe. It offers an easy way to make creative animated videos. Or you can try Panopto for more traditional videos. 

2. Prepare well: Stick to three key takeaways

People can tell when a speaker isn’t prepared. That’s why you can’t practice your presentation enough. Be confident, but don’t sound too rehearsed. Act natural by treating it more like a conversation. 

Don’t bog down your audience with too many key points or they might not remember the more important takeaways from the speech. Keeping your talk to three key points will not only keep your presentation short, but also will ensure your audience remembers the points. 

3. Use the slideshow to tell your brand’s story

There’s nothing worse than listening to someone read a slideshow for a presentation. Reading from your slideshow is a sure fire way to put your audience to sleep. Using a PowerPoint presentation won’t tank your speech as long as it’s used correctly. 

The slideshow should be a supplement to your presentation. It should help you tell a story or highlight facts and figures. It should not be a substitute for your notes, but instead help bring your presentation to life. Keep it simple, and be creative. Don’t forget to include your logo or other branding messages to remain consistent and help build brand awareness. 

4. Get social: Use a hashtag

Come up with a hashtag that relates to your business and then encourage your audience to use it during or even after the presentation. Promote the hashtag in any promotional material you’re distributing about the presentation so people know of it beforehand. 

This helps people create a buzz about your presentation on social media and is a good chance to establish your credibility. 

5. Prepare for questions at the end: Create some yourself if required

In addition to knowing your presentation, be prepared to answer questions at the end. Or, have some questions ready in case no one has any for you. 

You might not agree with the comments, but keep an open mind and remain polite by thanking audience members for sharing their thoughts. 

6. Give them something to remember you by: Folders, bookmarks, something they can use

Consider handing out presentation binders to key audience members. This will allow them to reference your presentation and provide information they can take home. You could include information specific to your audience to make the presentation more personal. 

Creating 3-ring binders with company branding and color schemes is an effective way to spread brand awareness. They give the audience a tangible item, helping to create a bond between them and your company. Be sure to include all of your company’s contact information including your website and social media pages so they can connect with you later. 

7. Network: Be your own brand ambassador

Just because your presentation is over, doesn’t mean you’re done. Use this time to work the room and speak with people on a more intimate level. Answer questions one-on-one, or pick up the conversation with others who wanted to hang around later. Invite people to continue the discussion online or at another event. 

Trade business cards with people, or set up appointments to meet or close the deal. Be sure to find the organizers of the event or the people who invited you to speak and thank them. 

Not many people enjoy public speaking, but it can boost your business by letting people see another side to you and connect with you on another level. If you follow these tips, it shouldn’t be so bad. 

Do you have any other tips for giving an awesome presentation? Share your tricks of the trade in the comments below.